First Hike!

We went on our first hike yesterday. (Not first ever, but first in a long time). We went to the Muskegon State park. I wish I could tell you which trail we took but I don’t know the names of them. I will try to be be better about this in the future. Click for more info on Muskegon State Park!

Our gear? Whatever we had laying around. Just plain old sweatshirts and coats, our basic wintery boots. I did wish we had some hiking poles. There were some spots where the trail got a little steep and with the packed down snow it got a bit slippery. Once, after slipping a little, I decided to just sit down and slide down the hill on my butt. Like a child. It was super fun. #noregrets. At least until Troublemaker made a comment about that being an asshole thing to do to future hikers because I just made the hill nice and smooth rather than textured and fluffy. So #alittleregret.

Time: Somewhere between an 1.5-2 hours. We forgot to pay attention.

I was so excited that the weather was so beautiful. The sun was shining, the temperature was right at the 32 degree mark, which for anyone who lives in the north can attest is absolutely wonderful playing outside conditions for January. And there were a surprising number of people. Mostly ice fisherman. Which I found a little scary because we have had a very very mild winter this year so I was surprised that Muskegon Lake was frozen enough for them to be out there, but they seemed to know what they were doing. We slowly inched out onto the ice at one point. We only got a little ways out, the water probably would have been about thigh deep if not frozen. We probably looked lame just going a few feet out but it was really exhilarating from our point of view standing on the lake. And then we got scared that we were going to die so we scurried our way back to the woods.

I was worried at first that the trail would be difficult to find, what with the snow all over, but it wasn’t an issue at all. It turns out Michiganders are amazing people who love to play outside and so the trail was well traveled and as clear as ever. We even met a few nice people out on the trail.

While out, we stayed very warm but I suppose since we have excellent natural insulation it wasn’t too tough. By the end, everything below the waist was sore. The leg muscles and knees were NOT happy the rest of the night. But it was an accomplished sort of sore. After a hard workout at the gym, I feel awful. But after the hike? I felt alive. I felt like I had actually done SOMETHING with my day. I explored the world around me.

We also brought Troublemaker’s new camera with us. It’s kind of like a GoPro but cheaper. Its the SJ4000if anyone is interested in that sort of thing. We learned that trying to use a selfie stick only leads to crazy nausea-inducing video. And is also annoying to try to carry around. The elastic head strap though? Awesome. As long as you’re not trying to get laid. It is NOT attractive. But the video was much more stable and it allowed us to enjoy the hike. We just keep forgetting it was there so there is SO much boring ground watching. We started editing the video but when I tried to get some photos to use for this blog I found out that my grandpa of a computer hates it’s life and won’t open the programs I need. So at some point I’ll add some photos/video from the hike. But today is not that day.

The trees were majestic. The snow was really bright, sparkly and pretty. We didn’t see any cool critters or anything but we did find a fallen log that looked like a whale. We spent an obscene amount of time giggling about it. And a skinny tree stump covered in mushrooms.

Though probably my one of my favorite parts of the hike were the conversations. It was really nice that without the various screens and internets that we spend FAR too much time glued to we had some absolutely fabulous conversations.

A Saturday well spent.


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