Tipping the Scale

Based on recent findings in a study that I just made up for the sake of this post sounding scientific, every person in the history of the world has owned a scale. I also calculate that approximately 103.7% of those people dread stepping on that scale or feel disappointed afterwards. Usually both. And why? Just so we can have an exact number of how “perfect” we’re not? I call bullshit. little girls on scale

Why does anyone, anywhere really need to know their weight? I will concede in a few instances.  If I’m going to jump out of an airplane and the parachute has a weight limit, dear GOD please weigh me at least 8 times to make sure I won’t become a pancake. But why do I personally need to know? I don’t.

But Melly, I hear you crying out, what about our doctors! CLEARLY they need to know our weight!


Why? There are plenty of other ways to tell if someone is healthy. How about blood work? They always make you get that done. Blood pressure? Heart rate? Medical conditions? Body condition (eyes, skin, hair etc.)?, I could go on and on.

The point is…health > weight. Every person on this planet is a unique snowflake with different sizes and shapes and will look different and WEIGH different amounts at ideal health.

Do I need to lose weight? Yes. How much? *shrug* What is my current weight? I can give you about a 30lb. range that I’m 80% sure that I fall into.  I used to weigh myself daily. It became almost an obsession. I needed to see where I was at. How much had I lost in the last 24 hours? Had I gained? Why hadn’t I lost more? And it led to chasing as many pounds as I could drop in a day. And that’s a dangerous mentality because that, inevitably, leads to unhealthy habits.

So stop chasing some number on the scale and start chasing something positive. And remember:

100 and sexy.jpg



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