I love you, drink some water.


What is my favorite beverage? It should be water. I am human (at least as far as I know). Humans are made of a lot of water (50-65% on average). So why is my favorite beverage NOT water? Why don’t I get really excited about drinking it?

I don’t think there are people who are denying that we should all be well hydrated. There are countless health benefits to drinking plenty of water and just as many problems come from not drinking enough, including death. People know this. It’s not even a little bit secret. Yet most people don’t get enough. There are tips and tricks all over the internet of how to get yourself to drink more water. And my question is, WHY DO WE NEED THEM?!

Because water isn’t delicious. Don’t get me wrong. When you’re really thirsty, a nice cool glass of water can hit the spot just right. I enjoy the feeling of being hydrated. I don’t dislike water, it’s just hard for me to pick water when we live in a world where we are surrounded by so many other more flavorful options.

I also have a dirty love affair with caffeine. I drink coffee almost every day. Sometimes more than once. I love tea. Now neither of those are all that bad. I drink both plain, no sugar or cream or anything. I know there is science out there on both sides of the debate arguing whether caffeine itself will kill me or make me immortal. But the really awful source of caffeine is soda. And energy drinks. And God do I love both.


I have been doing much better for the past few months of limiting my intake of these chemistry experiments that are full of high fructose corn syrup, sugar, a massive pile of chemicals and just enough water to make it all liquid. But I still find them tasty. And will drink them if available. These awful, delicious, sugary, carbonated beverages are the ones that I have, at times, referred to as the nectar of the Gods, rather than water. The ACTUAL thing that I’m mostly made of.

I don’t want to give up caffeine. I love coffee, it helps me person in the morning. And yes, dear friends, on occasion, I’m going to drink an energy drink. And I’ll freaking enjoy it when I do. But maybe, just maybe, I can try to drink more water. This morning at work I drank a whole big cup of water while I was sleepily waiting for our office pot of coffee to brew. I had another one after lunch. I’ll probably feel guilty once I’m done writing this post and have another. It may not add up to the total recommended amount (Half your body weight, in ounces) but it’s a good place to start.



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