Right in the Feels

When you’re having a bad day or feeling down what is the first thing we reach for? Comfort food! And the rationale is “You had a hard day, you deserve it” or “Fuck it. Today was awful. Don’t care. I’m eatin’ that.”

Ok. So what about when you’re really happy? Like, say, when celebrating? Again, we reach for treats! “Time to celebrate! Pshaw, screw eating healthy! It’s fine, we’re celebrating!”

Alright. So what about when hanging out with friends? Or during any holiday? Or while on vacation? Or running late? (There’s no time to pour cereal! Better swing through McDonalds for breakfast!)

I think I see a trend. Our little brain monsters are at it again. Just using the things I’ve listed above, I could justify eating junky foods for about 90% of my life. And that is no where close to a complete list of reasons I’ve used, or heard used, to justify some sort of food indulgence.

So where do we draw the line? Well, I don’t have an answer for you. If you’ve read all of my previous posts, you beautiful starfish, then you know that I don’t like all or nothing. So, at least for myself, it comes down to being aware that this is one of those things that I’m guilty of. And since knowledge is power, I can now be on the lookout for that mindset. And sometimes I’ll still eat the thing, and that’s okay and doesn’t mean failure!. But sometimes I’ll be able to logic my way through it. And realize that I don’t need to eat the thing. Or realize that I don’t even really want the thing. It’s already happened a few times. Where my gut reaction to a situation is to eat something bad for me. And after stopping and thinking about it, I decide that ‘No. I don’t really want it. But I was going to get it just because I’ve got my justification ready.’

And that was one less cheeseburger for my gluttonous mouth to devour.


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