Cities: Why so many people?!

grand rapids

So I live just outside of what I would classify as a fairly large city; Grand Rapids, Michigan. The population of the city itself is around 195k but the metro area has just over 1 million. Sure, it’s not NYC or LA, but that’s still a lot of people milling about. I was thinking about cities today and how so many people just love them but I just can’t count myself as one of them.

I understand the appeal of having one nearby for the amount of food, entertainment and other conveniences they provide, but actually living IN one? It seems like lunacy to me.

I was driving to the other side of the city today to go fulfill my duties as a dog walker for a guy I know and while stuck in traffic I found myself longing for the freedom of nature. For the smell of the trees and dirt and the sounds of everything in the food chain either trying to get fed or laid, (which, when you boil everything down, is really all humans make noise for too). I get so claustrophobic in cities. The constant buildings, cars, people and everything else cluttering up any tiny space it can find is supremely overwhelming to me.

Maybe it’s because I grew up on a big piece of property out in the middle of nowhere, but I just feel right when I’m in nature. It’s relaxing and I find myself slipping out of the armored suit of anxiety that I live in when in very populated areas.

That’s probably why I crave getting an RV so much. Being free to embrace my wanderlust and see all of the magic and wonder that the outdoors can provide. Every time me and Kristen are out either camping or hiking I always take some quite time to contemplate if I could spend the rest of my life out there. And the answer is always yes. I want to see it all. I want to wander and explore, I want to see this big beautiful blue ball that we live on for myself. I want to breathe it in and see what it has to show me.

I apologize for the shortness of this post. I am very hungover today after playing a delightful game of “Drunk Driving” last night with a friend. It’s where you play Mario Kart while drinking. Tons of fun but can lead to hangovers. I ate some healing Pho and had some Thai tea and feel a bit more alive now though.

So are you a city folk or a nature folk? Where’s your zen spot? Share in the comments below!


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